Why did it take so long for fireman to get back from the hospital

The Fire Department in St. Louis, Missouri, was already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic when a firefighter who tested positive for the virus became the latest to test positive.

The firefighter, John Tipps, died on Monday.

The fire department has yet to say what prompted Tipp’s illness.

Tipp was a member of the Firefighters First Battalion, which was stationed in the city’s St. Clair County area.

He was assigned to a battalion called the Westside Fire Department, where he was known as the “Gone Home” firefighter.

His colleagues nicknamed him the “Salty Fireman.”

“I’ve been a fireman my whole life,” Tipp told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“I just had an amazing year.”

Tipp said he first noticed symptoms of the virus on Sept. 6 when he went to work at an apartment complex where he had a roommate.

Tumble, the fire department’s chief of communications, said Tipp began showing symptoms of pneumonia on Sept 10 and was admitted to a St. Francis Hospital in St Louis on Sept 17.

The next day, the St. Lucie County Medical Examiner’s Office said Tumble died from pneumonia.

Tripp, who had been working in St Lucie since 2014, was among the first to test negative for the coronivirus.

“As a first-time fireman, I had a hard time accepting that this was something I had to deal with and I was not prepared for the severity of the disease,” Tripp said.

“And when you have the illness that I did, I was ready to die.”

The St. LUCIE fire department confirmed Tipp as one of their own, and issued a statement saying the department was saddened by the news.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of John Tripp,” the statement read.

“He was a true hero for his service to the fire service, his colleagues and his community.

We will always remember him and the fire that he dedicated to saving our community.”

Tripp and two other firemen were among the hundreds of firefighters who tested negative for coronaviruses on Sept 20, but none were hospitalized.

The St Louis County Medical examiner’s office did not release any additional details about Tipp.

The medical examiner’s investigation was prompted by an investigation by the St Louis Post-Dispatch that was opened in January 2018.

The paper said the firefighter who tested in the first week of 2018 had recently contracted the virus.

The investigation determined that the person was the only one of the firemen who tested as positive in that month.

The first report of the St Lucies case came in May 2018, but no one was arrested.

A week later, a second report came in that showed Tipp tested positive in June.

The coroner’s office said Tripp had been in contact with two other people who tested, and that they were hospitalized for the same coronaviral symptoms as Tipp but were not hospitalized for long-term complications.

“At this time, we do not know the extent of the illness in either person,” St. Lukes Fire Chief Chris Tippen said Tuesday.


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