How to keep a safe, healthy life on the streets

With the number of fires in Australia on the rise, the government wants to know how many people live in homes with a fire extinguisher.

The fire department wants to get a better handle on who’s living in the homes with the most firefighting equipment.

It’s a new government task, and it’s aimed at the fire department.

Its called the Firefighter Safety Monitoring Program (FSMP).

In the past, the Australian Fire Service (AFS) has focused on identifying homes that could be dangerous for people to live in, or those that might be unsafe.

However, the FSMP aims to track the homes where firefighters are most effective.

For example, if a fire is in one of the houses, they could look at who lives there.

“The aim is to identify areas where we can improve our effectiveness, or where we need to do a lot of work, or maybe do more than we’ve done,” Assistant Commissioner Peter Williams told ABC Radio.

Firefighters have the right to have access to firefighting gear, but it’s up to the homeowner to keep their fire extinguishers on at all times.

If a home has a fire escape, fire doors and sprinklers, the department can track the fire conditions.

But, in most cases, they won’t have the fire extinguishing equipment they need to keep the flames at bay.

So, what can firefighters do?

If your home has fire doors or sprinklers and a fire has broken out, firefighters can use the fire code and a map to determine the location of the fire.

They can also check for smoke alarms in the house.

And, if you’re worried about fire safety, the fire service can call the fire brigade to assist.

A number of cities and towns across Australia have begun to deploy fire extinguishments to residents who live in their neighbourhoods.

This includes parts of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In Western Australia, the NSW Fire and Emergency Services has also set up fire safety monitors in a number of homes, and is providing advice on how to keep your home safe.

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