Electron microscopy of the Wausau Fire Department

By Robert J. Osterman, National Review editor-in-chief article Wausa, Wisconsin (CNN)–It’s a typical day in Wausanese villages: people gather in front of their houses to enjoy the summer heat and gather firewood.

But in the village of Hochtän in eastern Wausans Hochtanän district, a small, sparsely populated village nestled in a vast, forested plateau, the local fire department has a different story to tell.

“The fire department had an agreement with the fire department, they were the ones who kept the fire going,” said Järn-Kristian Gjärkør, a member of the local government’s fire department.

“But the fire came too late, the forest was too thick.

And the forest had to be destroyed.”

Gjän said that the fire was put out in the early morning hours by a local boy who had been out hiking the night before.

“He came home and found that he had burnt the house,” he said.

“We didn’t know what to do with him.

We couldn’t put him in a cage or anything.

We tried to get him to get back home.”

But after several hours, the fire brigade received a report of a fire that had begun to burn in the backyard of a house in the vicinity.

“After several hours of trying to put out the fire, the house was completely burned down,” said Gjagral, who asked that his last name not be used because he was concerned about his safety.

He then went to a nearby police station to file a report.

The fire brigade arrived and quickly extinguished the fire with a combination of a hose and a brush, but it did not burn the house.

The house was saved, however, and the village was saved from the devastation of the devastating drought.

The incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is an example of how the fire service, while not being the first to investigate the causes of fires, has been doing so for decades.

“It’s not the first time we have to go to the police station and get a report,” said Michael D. Smith, the head of the Wisconsin Fire and Emergency Management Agency.

“They do their best to help you with the investigation.”

But what about cases like the Waukegan incident?

In 2015, a fire broke out in a garage of the family home.

According to local authorities, a teenager called 911 to report that his parents had burned their home down.

After police officers arrived on the scene, the teenager told them he had seen the blaze, and that he and his father had tried to burn the garage himself.

The teenager told the officers that his father was also involved in the fire.

The police officers interviewed him, and it was determined that he was the one who had set the fire and was later arrested.

According to local officials, this is just the latest in a string of cases involving local residents who have been wrongly accused of arson.

In December, a woman in Waugamon, Wisconsin was charged with arson after she allegedly set a fire in her home, setting it on fire, and then trying to hide her arson.

In addition to these cases, several people have died in fire, including a man who was caught on fire by a neighbor’s sprinkler system and died later that day.

“It’s pretty rare,” Smith said.

But if the fire is not contained, “you’re going to have a big problem.”

Grundein said that he’s glad the fire agency had the resources to respond, but that it was unfortunate that he did not receive the proper investigation from the local police department.

He added that he hoped that this incident will spark awareness and help prevent other fires like this in the future.

“I hope people will look into it and do the right thing,” he added.

“And if they find out that it’s a case like this, they should go to jail.”


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