Harvard fires new Fire-Related Safety Guidelines after Harvard’s premier fire apparatus is found to have a history of dangerous violations, reports Mashable

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced new Fire Safety Guidelines for the city of Cambridge.

The guidelines were published Wednesday in the journal Fire Safety Engineering.

They require that fire departments use a fire-related hazard-response plan that incorporates the use of devices such as accelerometers, cameras, and sprinklers, among other things.

The Cambridge Fire Department is currently using a fire hazard-management plan that doesn’t include these devices.

The fire department said it plans to review the guidelines and will revise it, according to a statement from the Cambridge Fire Marshal’s Office.

The new guidelines are aimed at preventing fire deaths, injuries, and property damage caused by the devices, and also address concerns over safety and quality of life for the residents of Cambridge who live within a few feet of the fire station.

A spokesman for the Cambridge fire department told Mashable the department’s current fire-safety plan, which includes an accelerometer, cameras and sprinkler system, has not been reviewed since the department was created in 2004.

The city has implemented a new fire-response management plan that addresses these concerns.

The Fire Marshal Office released the new guidelines in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Mashable.

The department also released a report earlier this year detailing several of the ways in which it’s been performing in recent years to address fire safety issues.

The report found that the department has increased the number of fire trucks deployed to help reduce the number and severity of fires, as well as increased the use and use of technology that can help detect and mitigate fire hazards.

The inspector general of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, a division of the state’s Department of Health, Education, and Labor, also recently wrote to Cambridge Mayor Matt Walsh to advise him of the department and the city’s current plan to improve fire safety.


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