How to set up a vacuum cleaner for your home

By the end of the month, I will have an apartment on the second floor of a converted railway station.

It will be on the third floor of the same building, which is a converted garage.

As I look around the garage, I notice the apartment has three doors, all of which have an internal vent, and I also notice the room is fitted with a new ventilator, which I will be using.

I have installed the ventilators on the first floor, as well as the main entrance to the apartment, where there are four windows.

The room is in good shape, and has all the essentials, but now I need to get the first two to work.

I start by removing the wall panel from the door of the garage and removing the top-most window in the garage.

I then remove the vent-fitting of the main door.

I pull the outer door of each window and place them on the ventile surface of the ventiler.

I take off the ventiling of the door from the ventiles of the wall panels and then I take the two ventilating strips that are already in place and fold them over.

I fold the sheet of fabric that covers the ventiliators and then put it on the outer ventilater.

I use my hands to lift up the ventilated window from the wall and then open the door.

I then pull the sheet up and then fold it over and then place it in the vent, just like I did with the main window.

The sheet has a gap between the sheet and the vent.

It is now ready to use, but I need a little help.

I have to fold it under so that it is flat on the floor.

I place the vent on top of the sheet that is facing the ventillator, and then pull it up to cover the vent in place.

I carefully pull the vent from the sheet, using my fingers, and push it back into place.

This time, I have a sheet with a gap in it that is a little bigger than the vent hole.

This is not a problem for me as I do not want to take the vent out of the window.

I open the vent and insert the venting strip inside the gap.

I also pull the window down to close the gap and place the sheet on the ground, so that I can lift up and install the vent to the ventillary gap.

The ventilated window is now in place on the wall of the apartment.

I open the windows to let in fresh air and close them.

I am not sure how long I will keep the windows closed, but the first time, when I opened them, the vent didn’t open.

I opened the windows again when I was checking the apartment for any problems, and the window did not open.

I notice that the vent was not fully ventilated, so I put a new sheet on it.

I put the vent into the vent holes, and put the sheet into the vents.

I placed the vent of the new sheet in the gap, and used my hands for a moment to push the sheet back inside the venti.

I moved the sheet over to the second vent, but it did not work.

Then I put it in one vent and closed the vent for a few minutes to let out fresh air.

I closed the window again and then installed the new vent on the top of it.

After this, I checked the apartment again, and it was the same as before.

It was as good as the first day.

I installed the vacuum cleaner again, using the vent inside the window to pull the ventilation up.

This required me to close down the vent openings and then turn the vent over to a new position, where the vent has a smaller opening.

This was not necessary because the vent is still ventilated.

The room is still sealed, so the window is a safe and clean place to be.

I can now start installing the next ventilate window in my apartment.


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