Which is better: a BP or a Wale?

The BP or Wale is a term used by the pharmaceutical industry to describe a generic medicine with an equivalent to the brand name of the drug, typically a brand name with no additional ingredients.

In other words, it’s a generic version of a brand.

Wale are a generics brand that are approved by the FDA.

They are generic drugs that have the same active ingredient as the brand, but are sold as Wale.

They have a generic name and an FDA-approved expiration date.

It is important to note that this does not mean that these generic drugs will be equally effective.

Wales are a little different than generics because they are not made using the same chemical formula, and some generic drugs have more potent effects.

It’s also important to remember that the brand may not be the best fit for the individual patient.

WALE OPERATING TIMES Wale operate a few different times in India.

There is the normal daily prescription (NDC), the prescribed daily dosage of the medication, and the prescribed maintenance dose (DMD).

Each medication has a different schedule, which is the prescribed amount of the medicine in each dosage cycle.

The dosage cycle for NDC is 10mg of the same drug for one day and then 10mg for two days.

The maintenance dose is usually 1,500mg, and it can vary from 1,000mg for a daily prescription to as much as 10,000-15,000 mg for a maintenance dose.

The average daily dosage for NCD is 2.5mg, the prescribed dosage for maintenance is 1,800mg, while the average dosage for DMD is about 6,000 or 7,000.

The daily dose is determined by a combination of two factors: the patient’s physical condition and the amount of drugs in the medicine, so there is a wide range of tolerance between different people.

For example, if you have a patient with hypertension, the dosage of a drug with higher blood pressure could cause your patient to have more symptoms.

If your patient has a chronic cough, you may need to increase the dosage slightly, which could cause them to have a greater need for the medication.

The prescription for the medicine is the same day it is prescribed, and you are not required to take it again the next day.

This is usually in the morning when patients are usually most active and are not in the mood to do anything else.

If you have to take the medicine again in the evening, you will have to wait for a few days before you can take it.

A daily prescription is the prescription you are allowed to take on a daily basis, and if you need to take more than that, you have the option to take a different prescription.

The prescribed dosage is usually the prescribed number of doses per day for the given day, which can vary depending on the patient.

If a patient takes a pill at 2,500 mg daily for two weeks, you can prescribe it at 1,400 mg for another week.

If they take a pill for 1,200 mg daily, you must then take another pill at 1.400 mg.

A maintenance dose of 10,001 mg for one week is prescribed.

The following is an example of a Wales maintenance dose: daily maintenance dose for a person who takes 100 mg of Wale daily, 2,000 dosage days, daily maintenance dosage for a patient who takes 1,600 dosage days for two months, maintenance dosage of 10 mg for four weeks.

The number of Wales prescribed daily in a day varies depending on how much the patient has been taking Wale, as shown in the table below.

A patient who has taken Wale in the past can prescribe up to 10 Wales daily if they are a patient at least 60 years of age.

If the patient is 65 or older, they can only prescribe 1 Wale per day.

If their patient is less than 60 years old, they have to prescribe the same amount of Wals for each day they take it for at least 12 months.

If Wale use has been discontinued, they are still allowed to use it, but they must take at least 5 Wals per day, or they will be deemed to have discontinued Wale usage.

The patient must also have been tested for Wale and taken a drug screening test if they have not already been tested.

The Wales can be bought from the pharmacist for around $15-20 a gram, or $5-10 a pill.

There are also some different forms of Walestas, which are more expensive.

The cheapest form is the one that is usually sold in bulk, or in bulk with a small quantity of pills.

The cost of a pill from this form is about 1,100 rupees (approximately $8), while a Wals form costs about 1 lakh rupees.

The second cheapest Waletas are the ones that are made by selling bulk Wal


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