How to make a simple distillation equipment: The Golgi apparatus

An article about an apparatus that can be used to make simple distillations.

An article from the New Scientist article article The Golgus are an ancient Indian medicinal plants, used to treat coughs and colds.

They are made from the leaves of the Indian green jasmine tree and are considered a miracle cure for a wide range of ailments.

An inexpensive, compact, portable, and convenient distillation appliance called the Golgi is now the standard apparatus used in many distillation labs in India.

The Golgo is a relatively simple device consisting of a plastic cylinder with a small water bottle in the middle.

You can mix the water from a water bottle and a jug, or use a separate jug to make the same water.

The container is filled with distilled water and a small valve with a plunger on top.

It has a glass tube that holds the water in the water bottle.

It is attached to the top of the bottle by a plastic ring.

The bottle is filled by pressing down on the bottom of the tube with a thumb.

The jug and the water are then poured into the water jug.

Once the water is mixed with the distilled water, the water can be added to the bottle and the valve will close.

The liquid is then poured back into the bottle.

The valve closes and the tube is sealed with a piece of rubber tape.

When you drink, the liquid will mix with the distillate and dissolve it into the distillation water.

When the distilling water is poured back in, the distillery liquid will evaporate, and the distiller will have distilled water.

A Golgi produces an alkaline solution.

This is called a “liquid alkali,” and is what you will want to use in your distillation.

The solids in your distilled water will be alkaline.

This will neutralize the alkaline water, and prevent the distills from becoming cloudy.

The distilled water you will use in distillation is called “copper water.”

When the solids have dissolved, the copper water can then be stirred through the filter to mix the alkali with the copper.

This mixture will neutralizes the alkalinity, and make the distilla easier to work with.

The distillation process is a simple one.

The only distillation you need is to add distilled water to a jug filled with water, fill the water jar with distilled distilled water (a jug is very useful), and then add distilled distilled tap water to the jug.

The process takes about two minutes.

Once all the distilled water is added to a water jug, you should be able to drink distilled water from the jug with no problems.

If you don’t have a jug with distilled tap, you can buy distilled tap and then use the distilled tap to add water to your jug.

Here’s a video explaining the Golgia process: The process can be quite complicated, so it’s important to learn how to use the Golgo properly.

This article has provided an introduction to distillation in India, so you can start distilling.

If your distilling needs are more complex, you might want to check out the following articles: How to buy distilled water in India: An introduction to distilled water sources: An introductory article about distilled water source: How distilling works in India source: Distillation equipment in India


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