A breathing apparatus that looks like a pair of glasses

The device looks like an old pair of high-tech glasses with a small black frame that has a tiny, rectangular lens.

Inside the small lens is a tiny microprocessor, which runs an alarm clock and controls the breathing apparatus.

The breathing apparatus is supposed to be able to monitor a person’s heart rate and breathing patterns, and if they are too relaxed or too tense, they can be stopped.

There is a microcontroller inside the apparatus that controls the heart rate, and the device communicates that information to an alarm-based app.

“There are a number of things you need to do for the breathing to work, and that is how it communicates with the alarm,” said Ben Kugel, a medical researcher who helped develop the device.

“We wanted to make a device that is easy to integrate with other devices in the house, so that people can wear it.”

The breathing apparatus uses a microprocessor that runs an app.

When the breathing is too deep, it automatically shuts off the device and it sends a message to a smartphone app.

The breathing is controlled by the smartphone app that uses a microphone and camera to determine the heartrate and breathing, and sends it to the breathing device, which is connected to a computer.

The device is able to send data to a data hub on the back of the device, so the breathing app can analyze the data and determine the appropriate level of breathing.

Kugel said the breathing system can detect the person’s pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate and body temperature.

It can also tell when a person is tired or stressed.

When it’s too deep in a person, the breathing will stop and the breathing hub can start to send a message again.

The Breathing device works like a small light that will blink at a certain rate and send a small audio message to the device that tells the breathing activity to stop.

The person’s heartbeat can be measured and analyzed.

The device is available for $2,700.

Kugl said the device could be used in hospitals, schools, and businesses.

He said the Breathing apparatus is still a research project, and there are still many technical and cost challenges to overcome before it can be made available to the general public.

The Breathesome device can detect blood pressure and breathing rate, but it won’t be able detect heart rate.


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