‘Taste of Darkness’: A book about the dark side of the internet

This week, a new book about a dark side to the internet is coming out.

Taste is Dark, published by Penguin Random House, describes a dark web community that’s populated by people who have lost the ability to speak and understand human speech.

It’s a community of people who are very secretive and who hide behind anonymous online aliases.

There are people who use these aliases to get around the law, because there’s a stigma associated with it, and also to make money.

It has been described as a dark underworld of the dark web, where people who can’t speak are at risk of being arrested, charged and even executed.

The book was written by a British writer, and was inspired by her experience living in China during the Cultural Revolution.

The author, Sophie Walker, tells me she wanted to tell a story about the “dark side of technology”.

“I thought there was a way of getting people to understand the dark and dangerous side of things in this world,” she says.

She says there’s no easy way to tell the story, but that there are a lot of good examples to draw from.

“There are many people who really struggle with the dark sides of technology and technology use, and I wanted to help people understand that and be a little bit more courageous in trying to understand those dark sides.”

What is the dark world of the Internet?

Read more about the book, here.

Read more:”It’s about how people have lost their ability to communicate with each other, and it’s about the role technology has played in that.

There are many, many people living under this shadow, and this book is the story of how these people have found ways to survive, how to thrive.”

So far, the book has sold 1,600 copies.

“I’ve got a lot more to say about the story,” Walker says.

But first, we have some answers.

“The book is written in a way that’s very personal, and there are very specific people I have come across through the book,” she tells me.

She explains that she used her own real name for the book because she doesn’t want people to feel pressured to be the same as her, or be forced to identify as the person she wants to be.

“My real name is Sophie Walker.

And so my identity is something that I chose, because it’s something that has so many different layers and layers of meaning and it doesn’t fit neatly into one thing, but there are many layers to it.”

There are also some interesting details about the life of one of the characters.

“This is a story of the life and the trials of a dark and sinister individual who has had an incredible amount of success and achieved so much in their life,” she explains.

“And he has to keep his secrets, and he has a lot to hide, because his success is a lot different from the success of others, and his success has been achieved by the very people who’ve tried to stop him from achieving it.”

What’s the dark future of the web?

Read a preview of the book here.

Listen to Sophie Walker explain how the book came about, here:


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