When you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned ‘vac-a-thon’

You’ve heard the buzz about the new “vac” that’s being installed in your swimming pool.

The idea is to make it so you can have a “vacs-a” for free.

“You can get away with it, we’re just trying to give you a little more privacy,” said Chris Taylor, the director of swimming for the Royal Parks.

It’s a small tweak that could see some swimmers and boaters enjoy a much more relaxing experience, with no distractions.

“It’s the same as a massage, you can do it for free,” Mr Taylor said.

“But it’s a little bit of a weird concept, we’ve got to be a little careful about how we do it.”

Mr Taylor and his team of staff, who have worked on the project for six years, have installed a “valve” in the back of the pool that allows swimmers to enter and exit the pool at will.

They’re not letting in the water to “vap” but the idea is that once inside the pool, the vacuum will let the air in to “cool” the water, while the water vapour will be sucked out.

The system has been tested in a test pool at the Royal Victoria Aquatics Centre, and has been approved by the Parks and Wildlife Board.

“The idea is it’s like an extra layer of protection, it’s an extra barrier to the water and it’s very simple,” Mr Taylors team leader Mike Harris said.

While it’s not exactly what you’d want for your own swimming pool, it is a relatively simple idea that could be an instant hit with many people.

“People are just very keen to get away from it,” Mr Harris said, adding the pool will be ready to take in the first swimmers in just a couple of weeks.

“We want to be sure it works and that we’ve really got it working, so people can get back to swimming.”

Mr Harris and his colleagues are hoping the project can be a hit with people who might not have been able to swim a full-length distance on the riverbank.

“There’s people who can do a swim, they’ve got a bit of time on their hands, they can get on the boat and get to the boat, they could be out and about, or maybe they have a few kids around,” he said.


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