A Harvard-led experiment will test the power of filtration and distillation in water

A new Harvard-funded research project is testing the efficiency of filtrating and distilling water in a controlled environment, with an eye toward helping farmers to produce more nutritious food.

Harvard University researchers will test a new filtrating apparatus that uses carbon nanotubes to capture carbon dioxide, using a combination of an electrolyzer and an ultra-high-temperature liquid.

The apparatus could have applications in aquaculture and wastewater treatment, where carbon dioxide is often used as a fertiliser.

The project is being funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

The University of California, Berkeley, will develop a prototype filterer for use in wastewater treatment plants that will have a range of potential applications, including in agriculture and wastewater production.

The technology could be scaled up for other applications as well, said Dr. Brian Womack, the project’s director.

The filtricator, which is expected to cost about $3 million, is designed to remove CO2, which would be released by the plant, and convert it to water.

In the lab, it will also be used to clean water for the first time.

The research will also use an ultra high-temperatures liquid called carbon dioxide (CO2) as the starting material, which will provide a high energy density, which could be useful in wastewater filtrations.

The researchers say the carbon dioxide would also have a high water solubility, allowing it to remain stable at a high temperature for more than a day in the laboratory, even in a cold environment.

The carbon dioxide will be added to the water through a special membrane.

This membrane, called a filtrant membrane, is composed of carbon nanotsubes.

When it is heated by a microwave, it forms a network of small channels in the water that carry the CO2 from the electrode to the membrane.

The nanotube network can be turned into an electrode, a metal rod that has a metal electrode inside, and then a tube that carries the CO 2 through it.

The researchers say this method is more stable than using a traditional electrolyzer, which can leak.

The system could be used in wastewater applications that require a lot of CO2 removal in the same way that it would be used for water treatment plants.

This could be in the case of the removal of CO 2 from a sewage treatment plant, for example, or for other industrial processes such as chemical and biological treatment.

This new technology, which has not yet been tested in humans, will be tested at Stanford’s Water Quality Laboratory in California.


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