When the biliary machinery is involved in a spindle dance, it’s time to take a break

The biliary system is so complex, in fact, that you might not realize it’s there until you’re in a dance class, say.

In fact, it isn’t until you’ve done a bit of research that you’ll notice how much of a difference it makes.

Here’s how the bile ducts work in humans.


Your bile drops into a tube called a duct.

The tube is connected to your bladder via a blood vessel.

When the tube is empty, the blood vessels contract.

When blood flows through the tube, it carries nutrients back to the cells in your body.


The blood vessels expand, which causes the blood to circulate around the tube.

When that happens, the ducts relax, allowing the blood flow to return to normal.


The tubes in your bladder drain out.

As you pee, you expel fluid from your bladder.

The water in your urine is excreted.

It can be stored as urine.

The urine, in turn, can be used to excrete bile.


When a blood clot forms in the duct, it travels along the tube and causes the tubes to contract.


The resulting contraction forces the blood and bile to move around inside the tube (the biliary tract) to the bladder (the urinary tract).


The bladder fills up with bile, which travels back into the duct.


The bile flows back to fill up the duct again.

When you pee again, you’re peeing out bile from the duct that you’ve contracted earlier. _____


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