Feds to review how car owners are towing their cars

The federal government is looking at ways to encourage drivers to towing vehicles after a spate of accidents and a rise in car theft.

Key points:The Government is reviewing how the public can legally tow vehicles and the cost of the processThe Federal Government is considering a proposal that would allow people to tow vehicles on the roadside for freeCommunity safety groups are calling for the government to look at the cost to tow a vehicle.

The Federal Motor Transport Safety Agency (MTSA) is looking into the issue and has been asked to study the impact on road safety.

In a statement, the MTSA said it was exploring the impact of public towing on community safety, and if the proposal would be allowed to proceed, the cost would be paid by the driver.

“There are many factors that influence the cost and frequency of vehicle tows,” the statement said.

“The cost of tows is a key factor, but we are also interested in the potential impact on community security and safety.”

The proposal comes after the MTCA issued a report in June last year saying car thefts had increased over the past year and that it was “possible” a rise was to be attributed to the increased number of towing operations.

“It is important to remember that the increase in vehicle thefts over the previous year has been due to a number of factors, including an increase in the number of people towing cars, and increased demand for towing services,” the MTA report said.

“While it is possible that the increased theft of vehicles is to some degree attributable to increased public toying, this does not mean that the rate of vehicle theft is increasing at the same rate.”

The MTSCA said the issue was under review and the issue of tow drivers’ ability to get paid had not been considered.

“This is because the MTTSA is not yet able to provide a cost-benefit analysis on the impact that this would have on community and vehicle safety,” the agency said.

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